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Alumni Anchor


Select photos of the anchor that is a major presence on campus.

Physical Education


Physical education classes at Lake Superior State.

Theater Productions


Photos of Lake State theater productions through the years.



Photos of faculty through the years.

Woods Runner Publication


Campus publication that ran from 1970-1997.


Fort Brady History


From 1893 to 1944, our campus was a military installation called (New) Fort Brady.  Originally comprised of 64 buildings, the Fort housed soldiers whose main mission was to protect the Soo Locks and its canals.  At its peak during World War II, up to 15,000 soldiers called Fort Brady home.  Fourteen of the original buildings still exist on our campus, including the Row Houses, the Fletcher Center, and the East Gate and Gatehouse.  The Fort was decommissioned after World War II and given to the Michigan College of Mining and Technology, now Michigan Technological University.
How many of our current buildings can you spot in these pictures?